For Training issues and questions, please contact or call Chad at 571-435-4739

Correspondence Courses


  1. Cadet goes to NSCC Correspondence Courses
  2. Print multiple answer sheets (one for each chapter)
  3. Choose the course you would like to take (e.g Airman, Fireman, Seaman, etc.)
  4. Download the instruction manual
  5. Do the assignments for each chapter
  6. Scanning or take of photo of each completed answer sheet and email them to
  7. Training will grade them and let you know the results. If you do not pass, you can redo the failed assignments.

Petty Officer Testing

When a Cadet is has completed their Petty Officer Course and is ready to take the Petty Officer Exam

  1. Inform the training officer at and provide an email address which the Cadet will have access to during drill
  2. Exam will be given during drill
  3. The training officer will enter the Cadets information into NSCC/NLCC Online Testing System (NOTS)
  4. An email will be automatically sent to the Cadet via the email provided with a link to the exam and a password
  5. Cadet will login and start the exam. There is a time limit of one hour for completion.
  6. If the Cadet fails, they will be allowed to retake the exam after 30 days.

Advanced Training

Advanced Training Signup Checklist

  1. Cadet goes to Advanced Training on Magellan and searches for the training they would like to attend.
    Click on details to ensure there are available slots for your gender and make sure you meet the requirements (see below).
    Cadet sends email to and with Training Code, Title, Dates, Location
    Training Officer will reserve the training spot, create forms and send to Cadet to complete.
    Cadet completes the form, Cadet's parent signs, and Cadet returns original signed form to Admin Officer (scan or take photograph for your records)
    Training Officer sends forms to CO for final signature
    Training Officer uploads completed forms to Magellan
    Training Officer receives Orders (which hold the spot) and provides two copies to Cadet.
    Parents pay training fee as indicated on Training page along with one copy of the Orders. Cadet is officially enrolled once the money is received. If money is not received within a certain period of time the slot will be given up.
    Cadet will need to ensure they have all required gear to bring to training

On the drill prior to summer training

  1. Admin Officer prepares Cadets records and gives them to Cadets in a sealed envelope prior to training.
    Cadet hand carries sealed records to training.

After training is completed

  1. After training, Cadet must ensure records are hand carried back to the Admin Officer.

Prerequisites to look for (should be listed under training site details)

  • Current Medical History (always required)
  • Up to date ID card (always required)
  • Have proper uniforms (always required)
  • Minimum Age and/or Rank
  • Passing PRT within a particular period of time
  • Drill attendance percentage
  • Certain Correspondence Courses and/or Leadership Academy
  • Swim Qualification